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Fictional portrayal of life
Year of production
188 x 45′
Country of origin
Produced by
Satel Fernseh- und Filmproduktions GmbH, in co-operation with ZDF, ORF
Format > Fiction
Television > Fiction > Series
Television > Fiction > Thriller/Crime
Intended distribution
Made for TV
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General Audience

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Several Eps. with Engl. Subtitles




Headquartered on the Danube in Vienna, the Crime Squad goes wherever duty takes it: on land and on water, in the capital and throughout the country, this dedicated team solves the most difficult and intriguing cases.

  • Solid, well-produced one-hour crime series
  • Spectacular cases with Austrian flair
  • Strong ensemble cast
  • Sold to over 40 territories

    English subtitled (several episodes)
    188 x 45 min (13 seasons)
    Season 14 in production
    HD (seasons 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,11,12, 13)

    Additional Information

    Vienna‘s Crime Squad is headquartered directly on the Danube, which means that Captain Dirnberger and his crew of highly-skilled specialists sometimes just have to step outside to find a dead body. For the Danube is a great place for criminals to kill enemies, dump bodies and make fast getaways. Vienna‘s Crime Squad boasts three do-or-die inspectors who know Vienna like the back of their hand. Yet Vienna isn‘t the only place where they solve crimes: in Linz, a teenage girl gang‘s „happy slapping“ gets out of control; in an idyllic monastery, two boarders meet their Creator; in Graz, the friend of an inspector seems to be involved in a smuggling ring; and in Southern Austria, the search for a murderer points to the family of one of the investigators... No matter where the team is, its cases are always unconventional and often sensational: from dead refugees with missing kidneys to blackmail among the jeunesse dorée, from a stolen Stradivarius to a murder in the horse-drawn carriage milieu and from a librarian obsessed with Empress Sissi‘s famous star headdress to a „Third Man“-style slaying in Vienna‘s sewers...

    Cast & Crew

    Erhard Riedlsperger, Fabian Eder, Holger Gimpel, Christine Wiegand
    Key talent(s)
    Stefan Jürgens, Gregor Seberg, Lilian Klebow, Dietrich Siegl, Sandra Cervik, Maria Happel, Helmut Bohatsch, Paul Matic etc.
    Axel Götz, Remy Eyssen/Johannes Dräxler, Susanne Beck/Thomas Eifler, Mike Majzen, Jens Jendrich, Johann Skocek
    Director of Photography
    Hans Selikovský