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Fictional portrayal of life
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Saxonia Media for ARD, MDR
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Bavaria Media International
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Television > Fiction > Series
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Made for TV
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Eps. 2, 8, 16 English subtitled




A young and dashing lead physician struggles to unite his rookie doctors into a team. While lives hang in the balance, Dr. Niklas Ahrend guides his team of interns amid bitter rivals, operating-room emergencies and romantic affairs. The turmoil of life & death, hard lessons and broken hearts make for gripping medical drama.

Dr. Niklas Ahrend has sky-high expectations when he starts his new job. But soon after the talented surgeon was hired as lead physician at a small-city clinic, he finds the road rather challenging. Niklas must prove he can handle the new position – especially training his rookie team. Niklas' reputation as a brilliant but impulsive and confrontational doctor precedes him. Most of the young doctors are dedicated and driven, but some of them are a little too ambitious…and that's not the only problem. Plastic surgeon and alpha male Dr. Matteo Moreau, a leader in his field, doesn't leave much room for rivals, and soon turns into a nemesis. Luckily Niklas has his old med school friend Leyla, a trauma surgeon and anesthetist at his side… 

Additional Information

A popular, approachable and youthful hospital drama with its fingers on the pulse of life. The young cast leaves no emotional stone unturned over the course of the series. The classic 50-minute plotlines employ genre-typical tension and connected narratives among the protagonists from episode to episode. Solid craft and modernized soap-style production grab the mainstream and promise a long-term fan base.

Cast & Crew

Peter Wekwerth, Jan Bauer, Jurij Neumann, Micaela Zschieschow
Key talent(s)
Roy Peter Link, Mike Adler, Sanam Afrashteh, Katharina Nesytowa, Mirka Pigulla, a.o.
Ralf Pingel, Andreas Wachta, Mandy Cankaya, Ariane Homayounfar, Bernadette Feiler, Ania Kock, Oliver Hein-Macdonald, Gabi Krieg, Henning Köhn, Katja Zimmermann