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Fictional portrayal of life
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Zieglerfilm Köln for WDR
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Episode 1 English subtitled




With any flight from a big city to a bucolic country town come expectations of peace and simplicity. But the opposite awaits Mark in a small town he’s been away from for 20 years in the form of ghosts from the past that develop into present-day riddles.


20 years after chasing broken dreams in Berlin, widower Mark returns home to sleepy ALLEYS OF ODDVILLE to discover literal and proverbial skeletons hidden in resident closets. Mark’s 16-year-old, big-city daughter Sarah is along and horrified at this backward step in her life. The town policewoman, Frauke, feels the opposite reaction. But while fate returned her highschool crush, he only has eyes for other women. ALLEYS OF ODDVILLE residents are just as quirky and odd as the chain of events set-off by Mark’s homecoming; long-buried secrets and mysterious deaths are piling up in the once sleepy town of ALLEYS OF ODDVILLE.


The latent and international Romanticism tied to the German provinces, its festivals and traditions casts a wide net of appeal, while the odd characters populating the series’ countryside holds the audience with pleasant tension. With dark and quirky humour, ALLEYS OF ODDVILLE shows that an alchemy of secret desires, envy and guile can produce any outcome, anywhere.

2 season, 12 episodes x 48 min.

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Cast & Crew

Erik Haffner, Klaus Knoesel
Key talent(s)
Holger Stockhaus, Dagmar Sachse, Janina Fautz, Anna Böger, Karin Hanczewski, Christian Hockenbrink, Luc Feit
Stefan Rogall