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What does an evicted blue-collar family have in common with a pedigreed clan from the upper crust along the shores of Lake Phoenix? Their different worlds are falling apart in quite similar fashion and in similar hope must be stitched back together.


The Lake Phoenix community looks like an idyllic postcard at first glance. Here unravel two neighbouring families whose worlds couldn’t be more different. Blue-collar Sybille and Mike Neurath are in dire financial straits, face eviction, can’t find affordable housing and joblessness looms – but at least Mike finds solace at Willi’s Bar. The Hansmanns are upper class, their villa has a view of the lake and their tastes are fine. But there’s plenty broken under the shiny veneer. Birger is in serious money trouble and divorce from Katarina is pending. She moved out with the kids, finished her studies and took a lover. LAKE PHOENIX TIES depicts vanishing lifestyles and subsequent chauvinist solutions from the right wing. Loss links them all. How will they cope with seismic change?

Diverse, diverging and believable characters fuel a classic family drama of unfolding fates any audience can relate to. An arc of class difference is bridged first by loss and then reinforced by hope. A backdrop of reactionary politics offering simple answers to complex questions heightens tension and holds a mirror for us to peer into.

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Bettina Woernle
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Felix Vörtler, Stephan Kampwirth, Anna Stieblich, Nike Fuhrmann, Antonia Lingemann