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Carte Blanche International, rbb, rbb Media
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Bavaria Media GmbH in association with A Company Film & Licensing
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Though fans praise Merkel the politician for her just and moral political cunning, how much of the crisis inside and outside of Germany did she herself create in order to solve?

“Merkel” is a riveting political drama about the defining moment of Angela Merkel’s chancellorship: The refugee crisis of 2015, which became Germany’s greatest upheaval since its reunification. 60 days, which led to Angela Merkel’s monumental decision to keep the borders open, a decision that will go down in history as her political legacy. 

It is a critical and fast-cut tale of political undoing and misrepresentation interspersed with impactful real footage of the Middle East refugee crisis as it plays out in an idealistic, opportunistic and unprepared Germany. The densely-packed plot explodes with intense acting and cinematography, that drives viewers to the edge of their seats.

Based on Robin Alexander’s bestseller, “Merkel” delivers not only a hyper-realistic, thrilling insight into modern politics but also an intimate portrait of an exceptional woman in an exceptional situation.

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Based on the book "DIE GETRIEBENEN" by Robin Alexander

Cast & Crew

Stephan Wagner
Key talent(s)
Imogen Kogge, Josef Bierbichler, Wolfgang Pregler
Florian Oeller