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Part spelling bee, part crazy crossword puzzle, part quick-witted conversation around a topic – Think!’s integrity bears out the truth that sharpening our language skills and demonstrating our learning is exciting and enjoyable. The only enemy is the clock. And for that there is the courage of the skilled contestants.

Each episode of Think! pits five contestants against one another in turn to guess words as fast as they can based on cryptic descriptions from the energetic host – as the clock ticks and pressure builds, individual letters are revealed along the way to help the player who’s up. But that help comes at a cost from the clock. Risk, intuition and guesswork brings reward. The faster a player solves the word, the more she wins. Each round brings longer, more difficult words. At the end of the week, one contestant is declared winner and the end of the month, these four winners compete again for the grand cash prize.

Think is a competitive quiz show that goes beyond mere entertainment and prizes. Its clever format celebrates the correct usage, comprehension and built-in humor of language in a non-pedantic manner. The clock makes for a brisk pace where time actually flies. With a track record of over 3,000 episodes in more than ten years, „Think!“ is one of Turkey’s most popular quiz shows. Hosted by Ali İhsan Varol from 2009 – 2018, the show has won over 100 awards including several „Best Competition Show“ trophies.



Additional Information

One of the most successful formats in:

Turkey (Kanal 1, Show TV, Bloomberg HT, Fox TV, Teve2): since 2009 more than 10.000 episodes
Slovakia (JOJ): 2009 – 250 episodes, 2013 – 60 episodes
Poland (TV4): double market share during the timeslot

In Turkey It has been awarded as the "Best Competition Show" at the 45th Pantene Golden Butterfly Awards;  the ‘’Best Competition Show’’ at the  Radio and Television Journalists Association;  as the  correct use of Turkish and its contributions to Turkish by Turkish Language Society