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Saxonia Media for ARD Degeto
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Medical melodrama


Alpine rescue physicians brave elements of landscape and emotion. While learning and practicing their skills, weather, love and friendship collide.

A dreamy alpine panorama, snowcapped mountain peaks lit by the sun – and resident doctors from Johannes Valley Hospital on call. They study and practice their alpine rescue and lifesaving tradecraft during the day and partake in the local hospitality after work. But the bucolic dream is not unspoiled: when Gregor the guide suddenly disappears, his wife Elisabeth suspects where he might be. Since no price and no risk are too high for Elisabeth to get to Gregor, she sets out alone to find him. Since Elisabeth is pregnant, Vivienne, Julia and Tom set out to assist, along with Maria, another guide. The team finds Gregor in a glacial ravine soon enough but his rescue won’t be easy and bad weather looms. Time will be of the essence. As the rescue team tries to pull themselves back out of the ravine, they slip and are also stuck. It’s now only Vivienne who’s tied off and remains an anchor for the whole group. Her only choice is to go for more help. A dramatic rescue ensues…


The high Alps setting, gripping plot and cast of charmers leaves nothing to be desired. Hospital dramas are an international success phenomenon the public can’t seem to get enough of. So why not up the stakes and let it play out in a breathtaking, picturesque mountain landscape? A moving postcard guaranteeing beautiful scenery and positive tension

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Cast & Crew

Steffen Mahnert
Key talent(s)
Simon Böer, Sanam Afrashteh, Mike Adler, Marijam Agischewa, Jane Chirwa, Mirka Pigulla
Sven Sund, Seth Hollinderbäumer
Joachim Friedmann